Spanish School in Ecuador, Quito


Spanish Standard

In this program the student receives all the benefits, activities, books and fees are included; you won’t have to worry about anything!

Spanish Dele

We have written and audio material to prepare you to obtain a certificate for proficiente in Spanish DELE; we have had great results from our students who have taken this exam.

Spanish Online

Study Spanish directly in a video conference in the comfort of your
own home or office.

Spanish for Groups

It’s a maximum of six and minimum of three students per class in which they can enjoy an interactive environment where the games and conversations in Spanish are always fun. We recommend at least two weeks to obtain the best results.

Spanish Related to Específic Topics

For people who according to their personal interests or jobs need to learn Spanish related to Medicine, Laws, Business, History, Literature, Religion, Children’s Spanish lessons for Ecuadorian schools. We have material with exercises and vocabulary related to these topics which will help the student prepare for his/her work.

Spanish for Friends

It’s made for people who travel in pairs, with friends and people
who simply want to study Spanish together.

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Spanish School in Ecuador

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