Spanish School in Ecuador, Quito


Spanish school – Location

Our Spanish School is located in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, the second highest capital in the world. Few cities are blessed with a location that surpasses Quito’s setting: in the hollow of the Pichincha volcano.


The South American Language Center Spanish School is located in the heart of Modern Quito, near the tourist destination Plaza Foch. The neighborhood is safe and pleasant. We are ten minutes to Villaflora, the new bohemian center of Quito, with theater, cofee and pubs. We are 15 minutes from the Quito Historic Center, an awesome area filled with churches, museums and rich history. The student has many options for transportation, such as; public bus, ecovia, trolebús and taxis with really low prices.

Due to its location, Quito is the ideal place for visiting other fantastic regions. The student can go to picturesque beaches along the Pacific Coasts, majestic Andean highlands and snow-capped peaks, the mysterious and exotic Amazon jungle, and a group of enchanted islands (The Galapagos) in a short amount of time. Ecuador is a land of contrasts you will never forget.

For all Spanish language students, Quito is the best place to learn Spanish since,the pronunciation is quite clear and the words are pronounced completely. Because of this, a beginner can easily communicate and practice his Spanish with locals. The people of Quito are very kind and helpful, so they will gladly assist you in practicing the language.

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