Spanish School in Ecuador, Quito

Who are we?

Spanish School in Ecuador, Quito

The South American Language Center has over 27 years of experience on the Spanish teaching field, with customers from all over the world. Supported by the Education and Culture Ministry of Ecuador.

We are located in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, the second highest capital in the world. Few cities are blessed with a location that surpasses Quito’s setting: in the hollow of the passive Pichincha volcano.

Ecuador is a land of contrasts you will never forget: four climate regions, two hemispheres, one small country. Picturesque beaches along the Pacific Coasts, majestic Andean highlands and snow-capped peaks, the mysterious and exotic Amazon jungle, and finally a group of enchanted islands (The Galapagos).

Spanish School

The Spanish School in Quito

The strength of our team of instructors is that they KNOW how to teach.

They are supervisors. And with our special training for instructors in study technology they acquire the ability to transmit their knowledge and ensure the student had really learned. We offer all of these features surrounded by a warm and joyful environment.

They will work in the development of the three skills; hearing, writing and oral, correcting the pronunciation and identifying which one you need to reinforce. Besides, the study won’t be only theoretic but mainly life applied, so your instructor will use different audiovisual resources that will provide increased help for you to learn.

To give an example, you will use the objects in the classroom or in the strolls to interesting places near our school.Our professionally-trained staff regularly attend workshops and seminars to ensure that their skills and teaching methods are constantly up-to-date.

Our knowledgeable team provides help with fair price to any place you may want to visit in Ecuador as Coast, Highlands, Jungle and the worlwide known Galapagos islands, point you in the right direction for restaurants, shopping and accommodation.

You’re going to receive one-to-one classes! all our Spanish classes are private classes. If you prefer you can always receive our excellent group method too.

Your teacher is going to apply our system in order to meet / suit your personal needs and requirements.

Our Spanish program in Quito

Is supplemented by our own textbook, which consists of twelve books. Each book corresponds to one of our twelve levels and it is based on theoretical explanations and practical exercises. The first four books correspond to the Beginners level; the second four books are for the Intermediate level, and the last ones correspond to the Advanced level.

In each book the essential grammar discussions are always backed by practice through written and oral exercises. After each level there is a written and oral evaluation reviewed and corrected by our Examination Department which is in charge of assuring quality to everything we offer and do. The student fills out a weekly evaluation of the instructor and host family correcting any problem or inconvenient that may arise, it guarantees progress and success for each student.

The satisfaction of our students is in extreme important to us..

We strive to gurantee progress and success for each student.

Once in the school, the student will fill out some forms containing personal information, and take a placement test if the student has any knowledge of Spanish; this test determines the level from which the student needs to start the Spanish lessons. As soon as the student is already placed in his level, the Academic Director will introduce the instructor to the Student.

After a brief introduction and immersion in the language, classes will begin. The materials we use are exclusive to this Center, and plenty of extra material for the exercises and our instructors are trained to properly work with them.

If the student so desires, a different instructor may be chosen each week.

In order to make teaching more effective, our method is supplemented by exercises, discussions, games, cultural excursions, videos, and audio, as stated before.

After each lesson, the student completes an oral and written quiz, this is another way to assure the knowledge acquired. The time set for each lesson, and for each level depends entirely on each Student.

We also provide extra activities for the students, which are organized in a schedule so that all the students are able to enjoy their spare time after each daily lesson. The purpose is to offer further knowledge of different sites and of Ecuadorian culture, and for inter cultural experiences. They are optional and provided at no additional cost.

spanish school in Ecuador
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Spanish School in Ecuador
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